The First State-Licensed Bitcoin (BTC) ATMs Arrive in the US

While there are still headlines around the internet with statements that the interest for Bitcoin is dropping, additionally proclaiming Bitcoin dead allegedly 99 times in 2018, BTC just got closer to the mainstream adoption in the US with the latest announcement that Bitcoin can now be purchased on numerous ATMs across the country.

Since January 17th, Coinstar in cooperation with Coinme, enabled Bitcoin purchases on around 20,000 ATMs across the country, making Bitcoin as easily accessible as cornflakes or soda.

For now, Bitcoin purchases via Coinstar-powered ATMs are enabled in three countries in the United States, while it is said that these type of BTC operations will soon be available in other parts of the US.

Coinstar and Coinme Bring BTC to ATMs Across Three Countries in the US

As of the latest case of events, Bitcoin (BTC) is available for purchase on ATMs across three countries in the US, Washington, Texas, and California.

Coinstar holds and operates over 20,000 different machines that work in a self-automated manner, while 8,900 of these machines are located in the US across supermarket giants like Walmart, now offering Bitcoin purchases in grocery stores and supermarkets including Vons, Safeway, and Albertsons in cooperation with Coinme.

Coinstar is a well-known company in the US with several more subsidiaries in Germany, Ireland, UK and Canada, founded back in 1989 as a way of turning your coins into a usable cash or gift cards without the need of going to a bank or purchasing gift cards.

Coinme is said to be the first state-licensed Bitcoin ATM operator in the United States, and with joining forces with Coinstar, the two companies enabled buying of BTC units in exchange for cash across thousands of different stores in supported countries in the US.

According to Coinstar company, 90% of all residents of the United States live approximately 5 miles from coin-operating machines distributed by Coinstar, which should contribute to the overall mainstream adoption of Bitcoin.

Coinme and Coinstar in Support of the Growing Digital Economy

Coinme enabled the machines held by Coinstar to operate with Bitcoin, now offering an easy and simple way for US residents to buy BTC units.

Regarding the latest move towards the mainstream adoption of Bitcoin, the CEO of Coinme, Neil Bergquist, stated that Bitcoin is now accessible at local stores on Coinstar kiosks, adding that the initial offering of this service will make it easier for customers to “participate in this dynamic new economy”.

Although Bitcoin is still; trading below 4,000$, the crypto is definitely showing signs of progress two days later since the announcement from Coinme and Coinstar, as the market seems to be making a rebound attempt on the head with BTC.

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