Debitum – Cryptocurrency Review

I am not invested in this cryptocurrecny, and I have not been paid for this video.

Debitum is a decentralized ecosystem designed on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain focused on small and medium sized business finanical support based in Lithuiania

Debitum has identified a key area of the SME’s sector that desperately needs to be addressed.

There is a $2.6 trillion shortfall in the demand for credit by small and medium enterprises in developing countries that is not met! Meaning small business’ cannot get the funding they need, when they need it.

200 Million The number of small and medium size enterprises that are either unserved or underserved by financial institutions!

Now if you’re like me and HATE big banks and the whole corrupt banking system, anything that disrupts this has to be a good thing. So long at its implemented in the right way. What I mean is, so long as it’s not a scam. The last thing we need is scam ICO’s in this sector, otherwise we are never going to get away from the banking dominance.

Debitum states that

“Our product intends to decentralize the financing process. Currently, all steps of the financing process are carried out by one financial institution in a centralized manner from the very beginning to the very end”


This is very true, the banks have total control from beginning to end, they will cherrypick what they see as the least risky option for them.
This is where Debitum comes into play.  Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Debitum is creating a decentralized network, where SME’s can come and get, the capital, funding and investments they need. This is hugely unpopular to the centralized large finanical istitutes.
Key principles of Debitum Network:
  1. Community driven decentralization
  2. Hybrid connecting crypto and fiat – They realise the process, and smart contracts can be used to release FIAT to SME’s. This is largerly due to the lack of adaoption of cryptocurrencies at the moment.
  3. Trust empowered by blockchain

So how does it work.

Example here:

So if you look at the team, you will see these guys have a lot of expereince in the alternative financing industry and have already created 2 succesful companies in this industry.

Factors to consider when deciding to invest or not?

There are already leading platform cryptocurrencies, out there, but none with the scope or ambition of Debitum. Populous for example, which has a much more limited service reached over $72 on the last bull run! Debitum is currently sitting on 0.05c and the money has already been made on Populus

Not YET on any major exchanges!

Debitum is a long term hold, but with a detailed and ambitious roadmap. Indeed in Q3 we are expecting a Debitum Network 1.0 public launch and you can also check out the MVP now on their site.

Cliff High has actually rated this 10/10 and his record is pretty good! If you don’t know who Cliff High is, he is essentailly a data miner and gets a lot of things right! He really likes this project, he states the have all the attributes to make this a success, including vision, team, and technology! Indeed he predicted the sexual misconduct scandals last year and reckons we are only at the tip of the iceberg.. Don’t ask me how he knew that! But he has also predicted Bitcoin to hit $64k this year.

Like I said earlie, I love projects that can actually disrupt the “Status Quo! and Debitum has huge potential to do this!

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