HexCash – Decentralised Fund Management System

Today we are goin to look at HexCash!

If you’ve hear of POWH3D You’ll know exactly what HexCash is trying to achieve! This is another Decentralised Fund Management System.

Hexcash claims to be the first ever system offering 100% transparency and trust of blockchain. As whole eco system is blockchain based. It is smart contract buildt on the ethereum blockchain.

HEX HODL program is 100% blockchain based where investors will get HODL rewards directly from blockchain. There is no human interaction in this system.

HEXCASH is coming up with 100% decentralised internal exchange and pair of HEX with number of ethereum tokens. So traders will also make good money from this.

Main thing is if some one invest during ICO then they will get 2X cash back within next 3 months. Mean they will get HEX tokens free of cost. They are just holding their cryptocurrency and get 2X cash back with HEX tokens which they can use in HEX HODL or HEXCASH internal exchange to make more money.

Referral program allow investors to earn 10% commission from their partner’s investments. Earn commission can be withdraw in BTC any time. In this way they can earn BTC from HEXCASH.


Decentralised is the focus here, there have been soooo many scams recently with similiar fund management systems.. Decentralised is suppose to mean one single person or group doesn’t have control of things, but that’s exactly what has been happening. With HEXCash you control your OWN fund. This does not mean, that there is no risk involved. There is always risk in cryptocurrency or with any investment for that matter. Alway do your own research and only invest what you can afford to lose!

If you like these sort of systems and creating passive income. Go have a look and if you think its for you, jump in, I’ll pop at link below:



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