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One of the biggest factors with any business, old or new is financial backing. Now if you have this in place it will make a huge difference, it can take a lot of the pressure off.

However, it can be extremely difficult to realise your dreams and grow your business if you don’t have this. The minute your business runs out of money, is the minute it dies.

Due to this, the entrepreneur is required to source for alternative means to fund the business. This is where ICONIQ LAB come into the equation.

ICONIQ LAB addresses the opportunities and short falls in the crypto markets with the world’s first accelerator program for start-ups interested in launching their own ICO. ICONIQ LAB sources, funds, develops and uses its accelerator program on carefully selected crypto, blockchain and tokenizable start-ups to their own ICO, creating ICO participation opportunities for ICNQ Club Members and the public crypto markets.


Iconiq Holding is building the premier digital-asset management ecosystem, creating trusted financial vehicles and business opportunities for investors in the blockchain market driven by the ICNQ token. The ICNQ Token powers the ICNQ ecosystem, creating a harmonic solution to digital asset management. Holders of the token gain exclusive membership to the ICO investment club and fund share classes, available through ICONIQ LAB and Iconiq Funds. Additionally, the token is redeemable as a voucher by holders for discounts on ecosystem services.

The ICO sector is huge with billions been invested into new projects every year. The sector is experiencing phenomenal growth. Infoholic Research LLP predicts that the market of cryptocurrencies and blockchain will grow by 35.2% in the next 5 years.

Unfortunately, with this growth, comes more and more projects that do not have the support to make it or are downright scams. Investors need to be extremely careful with their support. Projects like Iconiq should help weed out these parasites and make the space safer for all. I think we will see more and more of these type of companies emerge over the coming years.

At the heart of the project is a venture fund and a start-up accelerator. The program provides financial support and advice in marketing, technology, ICO, etc.

For the ICONIQ LAB acceleration, the process takes place in 5 stages; starting from sourcing and due diligence, the second being acceleration and ICO service package, then exclusive presales and opportunities to ICNQ Club members, the next step being to program graduate pubic ICO launches and the last is to carry out post-ICO financial and milestone reporting. This easy five step processes more than enough to ensure that as a Kickstarter, your business idea is well on its way into success.

In the cryptocurrency industry, one of the main challenges is securing an investor to invest in your business. Sometimes it can be hard to meet a trader who has the same interests as you. But just like it is in any other business, a risk has to be taken, a financial risk in this case. However, the good news is, the investors financial risk significantly reduce if the cryptocurrency has security features.

ICONIQ LAB offers such high level security by ensuring the due diligence procedure is carried out and with the correct projections of the business and its value. This is a very effective aspect because the investor will be in a position to know where they are actually investing and can determine as to whether they will continue investing or not.

In February 2018 the project held a private pre-sale, during which $1 million was raised. The next sale to the public is on the 15th of October, when 500k tokens will be made available. You will only be able to pick these up at GBX Exchange

Below are some of the privileges that ICNQ members will enjoy:

Token Value 1: Members will have rights to the pre-sales of program graduates exclusively.

This means that these ICNQ token holders will be given exclusive rights to presales and any discounts associated with accelerator program participants.

Token Value 2: Members will have access to Project sourcing input.

What this means is that these ICNQ Club Members will have exclusive access to community forums where they will be able to view applications to the ICONIQ LAB accelerator program.

Token Value 3: Members will have token structuring input.

This means that these ICNQ Club Members will have exclusive access to community forums where they will be able to communicate directly with accelerator program participants.

Token value 4: Members will have exclusive digital portal access and content.

What this means is that these ICNQ Club Members will have exclusive digital portal access to financial, research and market reports prepared by ICONIQ LAB.

In conclusion, ICONIQ LAB is set to revolutionize the way digital asset management are put together. With trusted partners like FinLab AG, a German publicly traded Fintech Investor, there is a lot more to expect from ICONIQ LAB, we will see more and more of these projects coming online over the coming years.

Iconiq Lab have an excellent core team and advisors team in place, they have the finanical backing, and they all ready have companies in their program.

Strengths of the project:

  • The program is already running and oversees 5 start-ups.
  • The target market demonstrates high growth rates.
  • An experienced advisory board.

Important Links:

Website: https://iconiqlab.com/

Whitepaper: https://iconiqlab.com/icnq-white-paper

Telegram Group: https://t.me/iconiqlabchat

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