Novachain REX 2.0 Officially Launches This Weekend

Novachain, REX bot 2.0 Launch date confirmed.

If you’re not already familiar with Novachain and its REX bot. Where have you been? It is the oldest arbitraging bot currently in the cryptocurrency space! If you are one of the people, that hasn’t taken time to learn what arbitraging is, or just don’t have the capability to understand how it works, jump to the next article now!

Novachain’s REX bot, has completely revolutionizing the way people profit from crypto currencies. Prior to REX, making money with arbitrage trading required expensive set-ups, years of skill and in-depth market know-how – not to mention deep pockets. Trying to compete for profits in the same pool as the pros is an extremely risky venture!

The REX arbitraging bot works, by analyzing the cryptocurrency markets and targets profits through a specialized proprietary algorithm. Its unique design sifts through volumes of data at lightning speed and chooses the best strategy to execute profitable trades.

The company has announced that the highly anticipated 2.0 version is due for release this weekend! There are some significant changes to be aware of.

To counteract the inevitable falling profits and shrinking markets, Novachain recently announced it was building and testing a trading bot, know has the T-REX. Initially testing has shown some very positive results.  Here is where things get interesting for REX users.

In order to stave off falling returns, the NOVACHAIN team has decided to integrate these T-REX profits into a portion of the daily REX returns.

In other words, they will be reducing the arbitraging portion of the REX profits to 20%, and supplement the remaining 80% with profits derived from the T-REX trading bot. This should see a return to the days of 1.5% 24hr returns.

The launch date has been set for this Saturday at 4PM, UTC. Mark it in your calendar!



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