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So today we’ve looking at a project called the Open Source University or simply OS University for short.  

The OS University is a blockchain-based educational marketplace that seeks to connect organizations and individuals to one another in order to provide education and employment opportunities for learners, facilitate recruitment for businesses, and provide strategic partnerships to educational institutions.

So OS University has identified 4 major problems, and how they intend to tackle those:

Payment and rewards within the OS University ecosystem is controlled exclusively through its Ethereum-based Edu Token. Every learner will have a credentials wallet in which to store data about his/her learning accomplishments. The blockchain will serve as a medium to validate these accomplishments that are being registered on it.

Token Sale.

Public Presale stage 3 completed has been completed and The next phase of the token sale starts in just over 6 days. Edu Tokens are not designed to be a security, though they will be tradeable on the exchanges.


Pros & Cons


So essentially, OS university will bring together, Learners, Businesses & Educational centers. The leaners will be able to enhance there learning and developement, Businesses get access to a gobal pool of talent with verified credentials, and universities will be able to market themselves globally at ultra low costs.

Superstar team! They have a superb blend of academics, entrepreneurs, software developer, CEO’s of large investment companies, professors (the  Professor of Finance and Economics at Durham University Business School is involved in this) ..experienced public sector leaders, blockchain evangelists and social change-makers.   The list goes on and on, and not alone that.. They have bags of experience! 

Online Eduction is a Huge market place, According to Forbes, the online education market alone is worth over USD 165 billion (2016). Projected to reach USD 240+ billion by 2023. On the flip side its, also a very competitive one. 

OS University is marketing itself as the one and only Educational cryptocurrency project you’ll ever need. It has a neat table that compares itself to similar projects currently out there.

We when compare it those these other projects it does appear to have the upper hand.



The roadmap does have a lot in it, but I think it could be a little bit clearer. I’d like the same applied to the website, it can be tricky at times to find what your looking for. 

I think it would also have been nice to see a live demo before the ICO starts, but honestly I’m nitpicking here.

Over all this is very worthwhile, strong project with a fantastic team and it has received great reviews on the ICO review sites. The general consensuses would be this is a very noteworthy project. It’s certainly a mid-long term hold, but one that has some very good potential.  

They are currently working on the Alpha version of the platform with the Beta version due by the end of the year. This should have a positive impact on its token valuation. It will be exciting to watch this project develop over the coming months and into next year. 

This is NOT financial advise.. I am not a financial advisor. I am merely thinking out loud.  Remember to always do you own reseach and only invest what you can afford to lose. Cryptocurrencies are extremely volitle!

You can find out more about this ICO offering here: https://os.university/



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