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So recently, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about privacy coins, and what are they? Hence, I think it’s time to create a series dedicated to this sector of cryptocurrencies. Basically privacy coins implement functionality to hide your identity when making transactions. They also can keep your wallet anonymous and/or hide the balances of transactions as well. Privacy coins are a somewhat contentious topic, many figures in the media and governments have cast a distrustful eye on such protocols fearing a new medium for illicit and illegal activity. While others love the financial serecy they provide, to legitimate users who do not want their financial details made public. There is a few of them about, but let’s start one DeepOnion.

This particular coin has a lot of community backing and quite an amount of hype surrounding it. So it seems obvious to start there.

What is DeepOnion?

It is a crypto currency that is integrated into the TOR network thus ensuring anonymity of its users by hiding their IP addresses. Essentially,  an anonymous and 100% untraceable cryptocurrency sent through the TOR network.  With DeepOnion your anonymity is guaranteed, you can send and receive private transactions using the DeepOnion wallet.

Tor is software that allows users to browse the Web anonymously. Developed by the Tor Project, a nonprofit organization that advocates for anonymity on the internet, Tor was originally called The Onion Router, hence the “Onion” name. You may have heard about Tor when people talk about the dark web. With DeepOnion, you can send and receive the native onion tokens (ONION) over the TOR network.

Most of the coins have already been distributed via the airdrop, so if you want to get your hands on some, you need to head to the exchanges. They are listed on a number of exchanges, so its not too difficult to pick up.

Deep Onion Community Vote?

DeepOinion is constantly developing and evolving and it has a large community following. One of the grea things about this particular coin, is it allows its holders to have a say in its future development. Holders of the coin are intitled to vote on major developments and changes to the coin! For me, this is a great idea! It makes the holder feel appreciated and its nice to have a say on how a project should progress..


At the time of writing, DeepOnion has a Market Cap of $12,404,933 USD with each coin costing just over 0.79c This is a fantastic price! It has achieved an all time high of almost $19!!! As you can see there is HUGE potential here and when we go on the next bull run, this is going to be a great investment.


If you’d like to know more about this coin, please have a look at our video below. If you enjoy it, hit the like button and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel.

You can read more about Deeponion here:



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