The Aclyd Project, bringing alcohol to your doorstep!

Today we’re looking at an ICO called The Aclyd Project!

The Aclyd Project is A Blockchain Based Identity Verification/Security System & Payment-Processing Platform Initially Focused On The $26 Billion Dollar Wholesale Alcoholic Beverages Market. This is a pretty interesting concept, as it’s dealing with real world problems. The online delivery sector of this market is experiencing huge growth, but there are several problems that still exist. Aclyd will use the power of blockchain technology to solve these issues.

Problems & Solutions

Online delivery services must ensure minors are not purchasing alcohol. To ensure this, the ACLYD wallet restricts alcohol purchases to those meeting age requirements. KYC style system will be utilised.

The industry currently suffers from expensive processing with long payment delays and sluggish inventory management. By adopting The Aclyd Project and utlising ACLYD companies will seee a seamless processing of transactions, orders, and international transactions.

Importers and wholesalers are currently subject to expensive currency conversions as well as lengthy payment processing delays. The answer to this is to create a borderless cryptocurrency. The ACLYD token can be utilized throughout the supply value chain from consumer to farmer significantly reducing costs and eliminating payment processing delays.

Lack of pricing information and failure to use forward contracts leads to costly supply chain disruptions in agave in the primary ingredients. Both of which disproportionately affects small producers and independent farmers. When core ingredients are priced high, there tends to be an over production and which inevitably leads to a price drop. Obviously farmers and producers want to get the best buck for their product.

The solution is to offer independent farmers and producers the ability to form smart contracts for the future delivery of products,  empowering them with pricing information and the ability to make more informed long term planting decisions. This is hugely important for a stable and productive supply chain.

Tokenomics and Roadmap

The tokenomics is pretty straight forward based on usage of tokens for various systems in the alcohol manufacturing and supply chain. The platform is built on the Ethereum platform, so the token will obviously be an ERC20 token. Currently one ACLYD Token is worth 0.07c USD with a maximum supply of 260 Million.

Aclyd Tokenomics



We are currently in the public sale round of the roadmap with and Android and IOS app due to be released in the next quarter. We are to expect the full working release of this platform in Q1 2019.

The public sale is due to close on October 31st.

Aclyd Roadmap


The whitepaper does have information on most aspects, but lacks some specifics regarding future partnerships in the alcohol industry.

As for the team, it would have be nice to know more about the development team and what previous experience in the industry they posses. But they do have a very experienced CEO and a lot of sound advisors.

The problems of payment processing, age verification, greater distribution of wealth, and smart contracting for agricultural producers are all issues which The ACLYD Project is addressing using the power of blockchain technology.

The already have a functional MVP which is fantastic to see, and they are taking on real world problems. Something to bear in mind, they have already surpassed their softcap on the private sale! This tells us a lot about the sentiment around this project.

This is definitely one we will be keeping an eye on, anything that helps to get us a drink quicker is a good thing in our book!

Viva the Revolution!

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