Top 5 Altcoin Cyrptocurrencies for 2018 -2019

Today we’re going to take a look at the top 5 alt coins I think can bring some massive returns this year going into 2019. Right now there are countless cryptocurrencies that you can buy. But there are some absolute gems that are still great investments. Now, for people that are already in cryptocurrency, these might sound obvious. But if you’re just getting into the space. These are 5 great cryptocurrencies you should really consider investing in.

Now before we continue. This is not financial advise. I am merely thinking out loud. Remember, always do your own research and only invest what you can afford to lose. Cryptocurrencies are extremely volitile.

*This list is in NO particular order.

  • Cardano

Cardano is a smart contract platform, similar to Ethereum, with a focus on security through a layered architecture. It is an enormous project  and the team is building Cardano with both the end-user and regulators in mind. They’re attempting to find a middle ground that balances the need for regulation with the privacy and decentralization principles at the core of blockchain technology.

Cardano has a focus on code scrutiny and peer-reviewed security measures, yet maintains flexibilty. With the relatively unknown future and complexity of blockchain-based systems, this is an important consideration.

Cardano is currently sitting on 0.24c with a marketcap is $6.2 billion and it has achieved an all time high of $1.33. So even if we only equal that level in the next bull run, that’s more that a 5X return on your investment. But honestly, I think we will far surpasse that all time high. I love Cardano, I think its going to do very well and I know a lot of people are heavily invested in it.


  • Pundi X

So Pundi X is attempting to make buying cryptocurrencies as easy as buying a bottle of water! Any store can buy, sell and accept . It’s build on the Ethereum platform, and they are maketing themselves as the Walmart or 7-Eleven of the cryptocurrency space. Essentially, this is another company working on mass adopation, with the vision that retailers will use their POS system and customers, will be able to pay for goods and services using the Pundi X card or app.

There are 3 main parts to the vision. It enables users to: 1) Buy or Sell cryptocurrencies through a Point-of-Sale (PoS) device 2) Buy anything using cryptocurrency through the Pundi X POS device (retail point-of-sale) 3) Make peer-to-peer payments using your mobile device

The platform will feature retail intelligence, inventory management, order management, marketing, loyalty programs and as we’ve already said transactions through mobile wallets and bank cards. Now mass production was started in February 2018. Pundi X will deploy over 100,000 Pundi XPOS devices in more than 12 countries.

Pundi X is currently valued at just over 0.01c with and ATH of 0.015c. This is another very new project with a lot of hype surrounding it, but one that I feel has HUGE potential. In the past 30 days alone we’ve seen a price increase of almost 185%! I think this can easily 10X this year if not more!



  • Ethos

So Ethos is another brilliant project and one that is really making progress in their developement. Ethos is a U.S.-based company and their mission is to make it easy for anyone to own cryptocurrencies. The core of Ethos’s offering, and the reason they’ve gained so much attention, is their plans for a universal wallet. This new wallet would connect with and scan hundreds of blockchains to update user balances in major cryptocurrencies and various altcoins. Ethos hopes to become the only wallet you’ll ever need, doing away with the need to create a new wallet when you purchase a new cryptocurrency. Another hugely significant part of this project is the fiat gateway, which will essentially allow you to buy your cryptocurrencies using USD, EURO & GBP. Now this is currently in the testing phase and we are expecting its release this year. Obviously if it receives positive reviews and we see mass adopation, we can expect a huge price increase.

Ethos is currently priced at $2.83 , having had an all time high of $12.54. So like some of the others, if it reaches that again you’re looking at almost a 4.5X ROI.

  • Ontology

So next on the list is Ontology. Ontology is a new high-performance public blockchain project & a distributed trust collaboration platform. It’s attracted a lof of attention and hype since its launch and rightly so in my opinion. This is a very complex project and it would take a video on it’s own to go through it all. But in a nutshell, Ontology is a public platform for projects of all shapes and sizes, and is working towards removing barriers between the blockchain and the business sector. Ontology is revolutionary in the sense that it allows businesses without previous knowledge of distributed networks to use blockchain technology. Right now, there’s no way for businesses to integrate blockchain into their infrastructure without extensive knowledge of the technology. They are also tackling the issue of trust.  Ontology aims to develop its trust ecosystem through partnerships to provide distributed services including distributed communities, data verification, data exchange, and credit across industries.

They hope to be the go-to source for verifying the accuracy and authenticity of things like identity or ownership and other data queriers. Companies like Facebook will be able to easily plug into Ontology for verifiy trust.

Its currently trading at $6.69 with an ATH of $11.18 and it has a marketcap of over $770,000,000  So the issues they are trying to address are quite significant, but there is a lot of positive sentiment behind this project and I honestly think this will 5X or even 10X over the course of the year.


  • Zilliqa

Now, I’ve left my favourite until last, I think Zilliqa is going to be HUGE this year! They are working on an amazing platform, that if they are successful in getting everything operational, it is going to have a massive impact on things. So Zilliqa is working on how cryptocurrency transactions work and the speed in which they work.  Without going into too much detail they are working on something called “Sharding”. So if you look at the current transaction times for lets say Bitcoin which is on average 7 TPS & Ethereum which is 7-15 TPS and compare these to real world TPS such as Visa, 2500-5000 we can see a huge difference.

Zilliqa states on its blog “In our internal testing, we ran experiments on about 2,000 to 3,000 nodes achieving 2,000–3,000 transactions per second!! So you can see the significance of their work and the impact it could make.

Now Zilliqa is a releventaly new cryptocurrency, having only hit the exchanges in earlier this year. So Zilliqa is currently worth just over 0.13c having hit an at time high of 0.23c recently. This is still hugely undervalued and a must buy for 2018! There is some significant milestones coming up this year. Such as the testnet v2 launch, which is due sometime in the next month or so, and later this year we are expecting the mainnet launch. Both these events should see a jump in price. Its difficult to to say exactly, what value we can attach to the future price. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see a 20X ROI on this one. This would give it a marketcap of just under $20 billion!




These 5 coins/tokens have enomous potential. They all have, a stong team behind them, a clear vision and great idea, they solve a problem and perhaps most importantly they have the backing of the community. Sentiment is a particularly vital factor in cryptocurrency. These 5 projects have that in abundance and there are high expectations attached to them all. I can see no reason why they can’t all make significant gains this year and next. With the current market on a downturn, now is an excellent time to pick some of these up and add them to your portfolio. For me, it’s a no-brainer.

There is links below to all these projects and links to Coin Market Cap and Coin Check Up. If your interested in investing in any of these projects these sites are something you should be keeping an eye on.

All these projects are listed across different exchanges, and some have yet to hit the major exchanges. When this happens, we could see further increases in their valuation.

Don’t forget to leave your comment’s below. Let us know what you thing, and if there is something you think should be on the list or something you’d like us to take a look at.

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